Farbstudie Quadrate by Wassily Kandinsky

The Blackwell Lab located in the Chemistry Department at the University of Wisconsin - Madison works at the interface of chemistry and biology.

See Research for an overview of our group's current research directions and Publications for work we've already published.

Farbstudie Quadrate by Wassily Kandinsky

News & Updates

  • January 09, 2015

    We are stoked to announce that Michael, Nora, and Joe's paper titled, "Small molecule disruption of quorum sensing cross-regulation in Pseudomonas aeruginosa causes major and unexpected alterations to virulence phenotypes" was accepted to JACS today! Congratulations on all the hard work!

  • January 02, 2015

    Trevor Schell leaves us this month for new research endeavors in the UW–Madison medical school. Thanks for all your hard work, Trevor!

  • January 02, 2015

    We say farewell to Dr. Nora Eibergen this month as she leaves for the Microbial Control Group at Dow Chemical Company. Best of luck in your new position, Nora! We will miss you!

  • December 01, 2014

    We welcome Kayleigh Nyffeler, our first Microbiology Doctoral Training Program student, to the lab today!

  • November 15, 2014

    Congratulations again, J.P., Trevor, and Christie! They had another paper accepted! Look for their paper titled, "Unraveling the contributions of hydrogen-bonding interactions to the activity of native and non-native ligands in the quorum-sensing receptor LasR" in Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry!